World Security Report2013-08-21 00:15:13

Argon shows the way to better CBRN response training at DSEI

Argon Electronics will be demonstrating how its CBRN response simulators enhance the quality and efficiency of CBRN response training at DSEI, the world's leading defence and security event, at London's ExCel Centre from September 10th-13th.

The flagship of Argon's chemical and radiological simulation equipment range is PlumeSIM. This innovative piece of software enables a single instructor to configure simulated chemical and radiological releases across a wide area, and then to monitor manage, and evaluate multiple trainees in real time from a central location.

Along with PlumeSIM, Argon will also be showcasing a wide range of popular detector simulators, including the LCD 3.2e-SIM, and LCD3.3-SIM high fidelity simulators for the Smiths Detection LCD3.2e and LCD3.3. There's also the EPD-MK2-SIM, a training simulator for the Thermo Scientific EPD-Mk2 dosimeter, which totally replicates the user interface of the real Thermo EPD-Mk2 and simulators for a range of Canberra radiological detection product.

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