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Digital Barriers is launching and demonstrating its fully integrated unattended ground sensor (UGS) and video surveillance solutions at DSEI.

The solutions combine two products: the RDC remote detection and classification system and the TVI surveillance integration and distribution platform. Together, these offer a reliable and rapidly deployable capability for the detection, classification and identification of threats and targets of interest. The solution has already won competitive tenders or is under trial or consideration with high-profile defence, border security and commercial infrastructure organisations in around a dozen countries worldwide.

RDC is a new approach to monitoring vulnerable ground and perimeters and will operate in remote and hostile of locations. The one-piece sensor nodes combine features that typically comprise multiple components in conventional UGS systems. The ultra power-efficient nodes feature an inbuilt seismic detection sensor and target classification processor - along with an internal battery and a low-profile antenna for wireless networking. The innovative enclosure design significantly simplifies and speeds up deployment of nodes and eliminates spoil, making it ideal for covert use.

TVI is a leading surveillance integration and distribution platform for mission-critical real-time video streaming and sensor data. It is able to exploit multiple communications bearers - even where available bandwidth is low or variable - and integrates into leading video management systems.

Interoperability and scalability are integral to the solution design. The TVI platform can connect additional sensor inputs, such as ground radar or PIRs, as well as linking to existing UGS systems. This protects existing equipment investments and future proofs against new requirements, providing greater operational and commercial flexibility. Similarly, RDC nodes can be used to connect external sensor devices seamlessly into a single, integrated wireless mesh sensor network. The solution was designed for agile force protection and the securing of front-line personnel and facilities in some of the most hostile environments in the world. It is also particularly suited to securing remote border regions and high-risk oil and gas assets.

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