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Cassidian unveils Ectocryp Yellow, the next addition to the Encryption Portfolio

Cassidian, the security and defence arm of EADS, is announcing their next high grade encryption device at DSEI 2013. Ectocryp Yellow is Cassidian's next stage in sovereign UK cryptographic development and will utilise CESG's preferred solution for network layer cryptography. Ectocryp Yellow is a desktop, interoperable basis for highly secure strategic and tactical networks.

In addition, the software can be fully updated in the field and upgrades can be performed remotely for deployed units. With insignificant latency, Ectocryp Yellow eliminates the overhead of crypto on a network and provides transparent operation to users. Ectocryp Yellow is in the final stages of evaluation and conformance testing and full CAPS certification is expected later this year.

The core product in the Ectocryp family is Blue, which is Europe's only remotely operated cryptographic device. The Ectocryp Blue solution can transfer information classified up to Top Secret across public networks allowing organisations to minimise the risk of cyber attack.

Cassidian CyberSecurity cryptography solutions facilitate the service of protection of sensitive data for all organisations. The Ectocryp family includes versions that are being exported to countries from the USA to the Middle East.

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