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Ultra Electronics, 3eTI Prevents Cyber-Attacks with New Defense-in-Depth Security Device for Industrial Control Systems (ICS)

Ultra Electronics, 3eTI announces the next major release of its EtherGuard® L3, a government-grade, Layer 3 encryption device. This release focuses on preventing sophisticated ICS cyber-attacks by providing defense-in-depth (DID) cyber security for machine-to-machine (M2M) and embedded systems connectivity. EtherGuard L3 is designed to prevent malware such as Stuxnet or "insider" attacks from targeting defense and industrial environments, as well as countering the inadequate security which commonly exposes networks and critical edge devices to exploitation.

The EtherGuard L3 provides multi-layer protection including encryption, authentication, access control, denial-of-service, deep-packet-inspection (DPI), intrusion detection and prevention, central network management, and key management for industrial control and real-time systems.

Together these capabilities allow an EtherGuard L3 to efficiently provide both safety and security defenses against multiple types of attack. EtherGuard L3's protection, which is available as a device or integrated OEM module, enhances situational awareness for critical applications and empowers network managers to achieve the ever-elusive balance between security and operations.

3eTI recently integrated EtherGuard L3's new capabilities into its EnergyGuard advanced cyber-secure industrial control system giving elevated protection for critical assets. EtherGuard enables EnergyGuard to reduce the risk of sophisticated attacks that directly targets network connected controllers, and protect the customer's critical industrial systems from cyber attack or damaging actions.

"Cyber security relating to critical infrastructure is a growing concern to government customers," says Benga Erinle, President of 3eTI. "EtherGuard L3 will help reduce costs by decreasing a network's vulnerability to cyber-attack and allow our customers to safely and securely implement embedded systems specifically designed to generate cost-savings, without sacrificing the high degree of security required by government agencies."

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