World Security Report2013-09-10 11:26:01

Ultra Electronics, 3eTI Revolutionizes Base Management to Enable Mission Success through Integrated Command and Control

Ultra Electronics, 3eTI,announces UltraBase, integrated command and control (C2) solutions for military base operations covering physical security, facility and infrastructure management, and secure communications.

UltraBase offers a holistic approach to military installation management, providing uncompromising base security and effective and efficient base operations which can ultimately make the difference between mission success and failure.

UltraBase supports base installations by enabling smarter, more efficient control of its existing baseline. By integrating critical areas, UltraBase enables improved base operations by providing 24/7 automated base security and access control - protecting personnel, structures and technology, while creating efficient facility and industrial control systems (ICS) operations over disparate and expanding infrastructures. The potential efficiencies for military bases are particularly significant in the current climate of budget constraints, limited manpower and persistent cyber attacks - all factors which significantly impact the broader mission.

"UltraBase delivers efficient, effective and secure base operations, utilizing mature and available technologies to deliver and support military capability anywhere in the world," says Benga Erinle, President of 3eTI. "Integrating key military base systems will ensure our customers get the most from their precious resources."

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