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Kelvin Hughes will demonstrating its new security sensors, control and integration software, and integrated surveillance solutions at DSEI

With applications such as border security and civil infrastructure protection, Kelvin Hughes is experiencing strong demand for surveillance sensors capable of meeting the operational requirements for such applications.

Russell Gould, Chief Executive of Kelvin Hughes, said: "The security and land systems channel of our business is proving to be a large growth area for Kelvin Hughes, with an established reputation for advanced technology for naval and coastal surveillance radar systems, we are increasingly associated with security and surveillance integrated sensor technology too. Our SharpEyeâ„¢ radar technology continues to be at the heart of what we do."

Kelvin Hughes provides a series of lightweight and powerful sensors capable of deployment in multiple environments and configurations. The company is able to offer combined sensor packages to complement the long range and all weather detection capability of the SharpEyeâ„¢ radar, most commonly incorporating an electro-optical component.

Named SharpEyeâ„¢ -Long Range Surveillance system and SharpEyeâ„¢ SxV, these radars have taken proven transceiver technology and packaged it for security applications such as land border control, critical national infrastructure protection and vehicle-borne surveillance.

The Long Range Surveillance radar is an X-band elevated self-contained radar and can be situated on a fixed platform, container or trailer. The system offers detection ranges of large vehicles and helicopters out to 35km and targets, such as RHIBs out to 11km.

SharpEyeâ„¢ SxV is a new high performance, lightweight X-band radar designed for easy installation on multiple platforms, including vehicles with a telescopic mast system. The SxV radar provides the user with a discreet means to build the surveillance picture, and thereby contributes to overall situational awareness. With 360 degrees of coverage, the SxV is the most powerful sensor available in its class.
Kelvin Hughes is now offering combined sensor packages to complement the long-range and all-weather detection capability of the SharpEyeâ„¢ radar, most commonly incorporating an electro-optical component. The radar capability can also be augmented with a range of other sensors to enhance the user's ability to detect, then track, recognise and ultimately identify targets. Applying the unique intuitive CxEyeâ„¢ software, the operator is able to merge and control multiple sensors to achieve complete situation awareness.

Kelvin Hughes is launching its latest display software innovation CxEyeTM at DSEI . This control and integration software enables the user to gain full situational awareness. Designed for ease of use, this software package is the next building block in the operational need for surveillance picture compilation.

The technology will provide radar tracks geo-referenced on a selection of mapping tools and will combine the tracking and track fusion of multiple radar sensors into one user-friendly display. Perimeter surveillance can be achieved instantaneously, with reporting of threats achieved automatically or through user-determined parameters.
Multiple radar tracks in different environments are displayed in an easy-to-understand format that will assist the user in the co-ordination of response through a 'detect, recognise, identify and classify' methodology.

Kelvin Hughes has been providing system integration expertise for many decades.

Jonathan Field, Head of Security Systems at Kelvin Hughes, said: "At Kelvin Hughes we recognise how vital fully-customisable security systems are. Situational awareness challenges in areas like border control, critical national infrastructure and vehicle-borne surveillance have very different demands. Kelvin Hughes develops security products to work within these different scenarios."
For these systems to be effective they must be incorporated into platforms suitable for the operational requirement. Kelvin Hughes offers surveillance systems on a variety of platforms; from packages designed to be integrated into existing perimeter infrastructure to complex containerised solutions.

The infrastructure for which Kelvin Hughes will package its security sensors include perimeter platforms such as fence lines, border posts and vehicles.The lightweight SharpEyeâ„¢ SxV is capable of installation in both soft-skinned and protected vehicles. Also offered are deployable systems for larger and more complex surveillance requirements in the form of containerised or trailer systems.

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