World Security Report2013-09-11 12:36:46

TASER announce multiple new deployments of AXON on-officer camera

TASER today announced multiple new deployments of its AXON Flexâ„¢ and AXON bodyâ„¢ on-officer cameras and service including a follow-on order of 45 AXON flex units by the Topeka Police Department supplementing their inventory of 30 units previously deployed.

"The evidence we have captured using AXON Flex cameras and downloaded into from car stops and deadly force encounters has been remarkable," said Topeka Police Captain Scott Conklin. "TASER worked with our agency and allowed us to be creative in our acquisition and financing both the equipment and digital management system, The integration and ease of use of the AXON flex cameras and the digital management system from both the user and administrative side is what makes this good technology a great system," concluded Captain Conklin.

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