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Vision-Box®, leader in automated border control systems and electronic identity solutions, has concluded the installation of automated eGates and self-service kiosks at Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport.

As part of the country's innovation and modernization program, Vision-Box worked with the Police and Border Guard Board and the IT and Development Centre from the Ministry of Interior of Estonia to deliver an automated border control solution, based on a segregated two-step process workflow aimed at streamlining the passenger flow and optimizing available space, thus reducing queues and improving the traveller experience.

To cross the border, eligible passengers must go through a two-step process. The first stage includes passport validation in one of the 6 available self-service kiosks, together with facial recognition and fingerprint enrollment. Once this process is concluded, the passenger heads to the ABC eGates for fingerprint validation. If all verifications are positive, the ABC eGate door opens and the passenger can continue the journey.

The whole solution is integrated with Vision-Box's vb i-shield®, a powerful IT platform which enables the consolidation of all transaction information from both the ABC eGates and kiosks, and provides operational and analytical information to border officer agents through a monitoring station, vb inspector®. The monitoring station shows at the same time the kiosks and eGates on one window and, on the other, a dashboard with all pending (passenger went to the kiosk but not the eGate) and completed transactions.

Miguel Leitmann, Senior Vice President of Vision-Box® S.A., highlights that "this implementation shows the complementarity of our product portfolio through the combination of ABC eGates and self-service kiosks". Miguel added, "To date, Vision-Box has deployed more than 300 ABC eGates based on the same design but incorporating different biometrics functions, workflows and even materials. Our solution's modularity, flexibility and our ability to understand and meet the customer's requirements is the cornerstone of our strategy and we are very help to share our customer's success".

The solution is already in production. Only passengers over 14 years old bearing an electronic passport who are citizens from the EU, the Schengen Area, or a European Economic Area Country are eligible.

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