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Smiths Detection's HazMatID Elite Receives Silver Award for Portable Analytical Instrument Design

The Smiths Detection HazMatID Elite has received the Portable Analytical Instrument Industrial Design Silver Award from Instrument Business Outlook (IBO) during their 20th Annual Industrial Design Awards.

HazMatID Elite is the next generation of the HazMatID, one of the world's most widely used field-portable solid and liquid chemical identifiers. HazMatID Elite uses Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) to detect hazardous chemicals and biological substances in one minute or less. It can identify and categorize thousands of materials, including chemical warfare agents, explosives, toxic industrial chemicals, narcotics, and suspicious powders, among other dangerous chemical classes.

Lance Roncalli, Vice President of Sales, Americas and U.S. Managing Director for Smiths Detection commented: "HazMatID Elite's lightweight design and easy-to-use chemical analysis tools were developed specifically with the needs of military personnel and emergency responders in mind. Its portability and advanced functionality helps responders react quickly and detect unknown hazardous substances in emergency situations."

IBO ispublished by Strategic Directions International, Inc., a leading source of information related to analytical and life science instrumentation and equipment for laboratory and on-site applications. Award recipients were selected based on their industrial design and recognized for their outstanding achievements in innovation, aesthetics, features and functionality in the products created for consumers and businesses.

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