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Seraphim Optronics Launches the ROSS System, expanding its family of Unattended Ground Covert Imaging Surveillance Solutions for remote borders

Seraphim Optronics launches the ROSS system (Remote Observation Sensor System), the newest member of its family of Unattended Ground Covert Imaging Surveillance solutions, at AUSA 2013.

The ROSS (Remote Observation Sensor System)

Among the advantages of the ROSS system are its compactness, energy efficiency, and the inclusion of today's most advanced communications systems. In addition, the ROSS can be integrated with a state-of-the-art tactical radar, thus providing the ultimate solution for a known problem - geographical coverage gaps in border protection. The radar continuously scans a sector of 90⁰, delivering persistent surveillance, with an automatic detection range of up to 2 km. The system can be triggered by the radar, Unattended Ground Sensors (UGS-acoustic, seismic, etc.), or integral VMD - and can cue the Day & Night (IR) cameras to the location of the alert. ROSS also serves as a data HUB for other UGS, with the ability to continuously relay the video and event data to HQ. The day-and-night (VGA uncooled thermal) cameras play a critical role in determining whether an unauthorized activity is taking place, thus preventing false alarms.

Small, lightweight, and single-person portable, the ROSS delivers a wide range of advanced features, including remote controlled day/night surveillance and wide field of regard, and has no external moving parts. The system - which provides full communication flexibility supporting WiFi, Cellular, Wired, and Satellite - is self-contained and exceptionally energy efficient for short and long duration missions. It is a convenient platform for integrated solutions for various operational requirements.

Key capabilities include its high survivability - enabled by the system's being easily camouflaged and able to withstand harsh environments, automatic motion detection in VMD mode, and transmission of alarms in automatic detection sentinel mode - with video stream upon detection. The system also provides a 'house call' option, enabling direct surveillance of pre-memorized locations, a scan path with automatic cyclical scanning of pre-programmed targets, a scheduler for automatic daily operations (camera switchover, hibernate, etc.), and a sabotage sensor with tamper alarm, activated when the system is touched.

ROSS can be used in tactical applications such as border protection and gap filling, perimeter and force/facility protection, and intelligence gathering including suspect surveillance and incrimination. The system can be integrated with small, low-power radars as well as with external controllable sensors including seismic and acoustic sensors, target acquisition solutions, and C4I systems.
The UGF (Unattended Gap Filler System)

Seraphim also produce an Unattended Gap Filler system that combines the ROSS/MUGI with a low power consumption staring Tactical Radar for total wireless control of a 2 km2 area with automatic detection, alert and video, communications, and energy platform for long duration missions. The UGF - which can be installed in fixed locations (covert & powered by solar) or quickly deployed for tactical RECON and force protection - can be combined with additional seismic and acoustic UGSs to hermetically seal gaps in the border.

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