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RT LTA Systems debuts two new aerostat systems, which are stabilized surveillance systems suspended from a helium filled balloon, for use by military, law enforcement, HLS and border protection services.

Debuting at AUSA, RT's new tactical intelligence aerostat systems, the SkyStar 180 and SkyStar 300, are designed for armed forces, law enforcement, and HLS - for use in border protection, intelligence, communication relay, search and rescue, emergency communications transfer, crowd control, mass events, etc. Due to their relatively small size, these systems are simple to operate, with only five days required for training, can be very quickly deployed, and are cost-effective and affordable. The systems have already been operationally proven - and are in use by the Israel Defense Forces, the Canadian Army, the US Army, Italian Forces, and the Israel Police Force.

The SkyStar 180 is a small size, very mobile aerostat designed for tactical mid-range surveillance and public safety, police, and military applications. Based on a towable trailer, the system has a stabilized day/night electro-optical payload suspended from a helium filled aerostat, tethered to a ground system. It operates continuously at wind velocity of up to 40 knots, and can lift a payload of up to 8.5 kg, providing medium range surveillance coverage from an altitude of up to 600 ft for up to 72 hours, after which it is brought down for a 30-minute helium refill. Only 2 people are required to fully maintain the system.

The SkyStar 300 tactical aerostat system continuously operates day and night ISR operations at 1500 ft, performing in even the most extreme weather conditions. Highly mobile and rapidly deployed, it can lift a payload and communication relay of up to 50 kg. Providing high quality information gathering and accurate target allocation, it utilizes tri-sensor gyro stabilized payloads and GPS/INS navigation. A downlink video and interactive digital map are displayed in real time; the communications relay application is transportable and flexible for heights and terrains. It can remain for 72 hours, after which it is brought down for a 10-minute helium refill.

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