World Security Report2013-11-07 08:53:25

Vision-Box has equipped the new arrivals and departures terminal at Lisbon's International airport with the latest version of its Automated Border Control eGate, vb i-match® 5.

Lisbon, 07 November 2013, The Automated Border Control eGates are divided between arrivals and departures and feature an integrated two-step border control process where verification of the travel document is performed first, while the traveller is still outside the eGate, and then once inside the eGate, facial recognition takes place. If all validations are successful the passengers are allowed to continue their journey.

In addition to electronic passport verification, the ABC eGates are also able to process the Portuguese National Citizen Card and the non-electronic passport, in conjunction with pilot projects implemented for Brazilian and Angolan nationals, holders of Diplomatic or Special Passports.

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