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US Customs and Border Protection to buy General Dynamics Model Z-500 Long-Range Thermal Imaging Camera's to detect and disrupt Ultra Lite Aircraft operations.

In recent years, CBP has observed an increasing number of criminal organizations using sophisticated forms to avoid detection and to further conceal their activities both on land and in the air. The Calexico Station currently lacks the capability to efficiently monitor the criminal organizations and terrorists engaging in or planning illicit activities along the U.S. border. Current Thermal Cameras are insufficient, outdated, and often fail; land units are unable to exploit the use of new camera technology due to there being none. As a result, Calexico Station requests to modernize and reinforce its current capabilities based on the criminal organizations methods being used to evade Border Patrol enforcement. Currently, Calexico Station lacks current Thermal Camera equipment to detect, disrupt, degrade and dismantle Ultra Lite Aircraft operations.

These capabilities will allow the Calexico Station to effectively and efficiently identify and intercept any illegal ULA traffic generated along the Calexico Station's area of responsibility. The Z-500 camera system from General Dynamics is currently the only system that is compatible with the Remote Video Surveillance System (RVSS) software being used at the Calexico Station. It's the only Thermal imager that is capable of being mounted on existing CBP owned Pan & Tilts (P&Ts), and interoperate with existing CBP control systems without requiring hardware or software redesigns, and/or, modifications of the current CBP configuration. The use of any other camera system would unequivocally risk the need of continuity of service with another type of camera that is not from General Dynamics. Hardware or software redesigns and/or modification of the current CBP configuration would be a great cost to the Agency during this sequester period.

Therefore, it's the United States Customs and Border Protection intent to purchase the Z-500 camera system from General Dynamics. Purchase and subsequent use of this equipment will benefit all of the Calexico Station's assets as well as intelligence agents, and ultimately the Sector as information is analyzed, linked and pushed out once such traffic is recorded on camera.

The Model Z-500 Long-Range Thermal Imaging Camera provides a compact, yet powerful, surveillance capability against a variety of border threats. The Z-500 allows for maximum threat detection with high-performance and ease-of-use for its operators. The Z-500 has been used throughout Border Patrol Sectors nationwide with much success and is a system that would maximize the effectiveness of the Calexico Station.

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