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IWI Launches the UZI PRO Pistol, designed for law enforcement, safety and security forces

Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) launches the UZI PRO Pistol at Milipol. The company will also introduce a new feature for its JERICHO Pistol - round chamber indicator.

The UZI PRO, one of the most popular weapons in the world, operationally proven, with millions of units sold around the globe, is now available in a Semi Auto pistol configuration ideal for law enforcement, security, and Special Forces units. The UZI PRO Pistol delivers all the benefits of the UZI PRO Sub-Machine gun which is lightweight, compact, accurate and reliable. A longer barrel enables increased effectiveness. Among its features are Picatinny rails and the option of either concealed or openly carried use.

According to Uri Amit, CEO of IWI, "We are very pleased to showcase the newest member of the UZI family - possibly the best-known and most widely sold weapon family in the world. Our goal was to translate the advantages and reliability of the UZI PRO SMG into a configuration that could be used by law enforcement and Special Forces for a variety of missions. This goal has been fully realized with the UZI PRO Pistol. In addition, we have expanded the operational capabilities of the JERICHO Pistol with a new feature - the round chamber indicator. I am certain that both will be used operationally by forces around the world."

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