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Anti-Terrorism solution integrates low-cost radar and CCTV cameras for high level perimeter protection of critical infrastructure.

SpotterRF announced the integration of its M600C compact surveillance radar to the City of San Diego's outdoor security network and camera positioning systems. The solution increases the security posture at the Public Utility Department's Security Operations Center, providing enhanced detection capabilities to protect its critical infrastructure and facilities. Siemens Industry, Inc., the City's security and technology integrator, partnered with strategic solutions provider Athenx, Inc. (Athenx) in selecting SpotterRF radar for mobile, rapidly deployable, and low cost situational awareness.

"The results are very encouraging," states Tony Ruiz, Security Administrator for the City of San Diego. "The cameras and compact radar extends our view to 1000 meters and effectively covers a wide area of precision object tracking with minimal security personnel and thus, a remarkably low cost per acre. This gives us peace of mind that we are doing everything possible to protect not only our critical facilities, but the citizens of San Diego."

The San Diego project seeks to align the City with mandated federal Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) guidelines geared at reducing threats to the nation's 82,000 dams. These dams provide drinking and emergency services water; eight percent of the nation's electricity; farming irrigation; navigation and commercial facilities across the country.

Athenx custom integrates disparate sensor technologies and Incident Management Systems to support the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Veteran Affairs, Anti-Terrorism Force Protection, Law Enforcement and Public Safety Agencies in meeting their requirements for prevention, deterrence, response and recovery.

"Best of class SpotterRF radar increases the ability of dam security teams to conduct surveillance around the clock with minimal false alarms," states Logan Harris, CEO for SpotterRF. "Siemens and Athenx have done a masterful job of integrating this radar for San Diego at a price point that is affordable for many other dams across the U.S."

Until recently, radar surveillance was only available for large military force protection systems like BETSS-C or G-BOSS. Now, radar's wide area coverage is affordable for commercial environments like protecting oil & gas refineries, borders, power plants, bridges, and dams. Spotter radar units come in five sizes, weighs as little as 1.5 lbs. each, use less energy than a light bulb (just 8W each), and can communicate with Google Earth and other situational awareness and Video Management software. Field training takes less than 30 minutes.

Integration with existing IR cameras, video analytics, or other Intrusion Detection System (IDS) greatly reduces costs and increases effectiveness for protecting critical infrastructure such as embassies or national parks.

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