World Security Report2014-01-13 12:29:16

The Med-Eng announced a new multi-mission TAC 6 suit and visor ensemble for tactical officers

This high-mobility protective equipment addresses the increasing threats posed by explosive devices during operations. Frontline personnel including breachers, dog handlers, High Risk Search teams and bomb disposal technicians supporting tactical teams, face these dual threats in addition to conventional ballistic threats. Med-Eng joined The Safariland Group of brands in 2013.

The TAC 6 suit is a system of modular lightweight components covering the user's torso, arms and legs. It is a scalable platform that supplements an officer's existing bullet-resistant vest. Users can select specific components depending on the anticipated threat and their mobility requirements. The series of four Med-Eng TAC visors quickly attach to an officer's tactical helmet to provide increasing levels of fragmentation protection to the facial area and to integrate with conventional gas masks.

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