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Monadnock Introduces the AutoLock II Expandable Baton
Patented AutoLock baton locking technology

JACKSONVILLE, Florida - The Monadnock® brand announces the introduction of the AutoLock® II expandable baton, which builds upon the proven features of the original Monadnock AutoLock baton series. Featuring patented AutoLock technology, the AutoLock II is a 23" (58.42cm) positive-lock baton with a newly designed cam and stainless steel ball bearing, which improves the locking action and baton stability.

Easily opened in either a passive or low-profile manner, the AutoLock II will stay locked in the open position while striking, blocking or jabbing and can be easily closed with the push of a button. The baton shaft features a blackened electroless nickel finish for improved corrosion resistance on the inside and outside of the baton. The AutoLock II is offered with a foam grip which offers excellent tear strength, and the Power Safety Tip® featuring a larger tip for weight-forward balance. Also standard with this model is the newly designed and patent pending Monadnock Wedge Cap end cap accessory for enhanced baton retention.

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