World Security Report2014-01-20 08:31:14

MESSOA Technologies launch the first 3-megapixel IR Bullet LPR/ANPR network camera

MESSOA Technologies Inc. today announced the launch of the LPR606, the industry's first 3-megapixel IR Bullet LPR/ANPR network camera. The newest addition to MESSOA's existing IP traffic camera lineup was specifically engineered for overview and access control LPR applications at car parks, toll booths, gated communities, and a variety of low-speed environments.

Designed with access control in mind, the LPR606 is ideal for applications of capturing vehicles with reflective license plates travelling at moderate speeds up to 60km/h. The 3MP resolution of the LPR606 allows for a much wider view and more details compared to VGA, covering up to 2 traffic lanes with just a single camera. Not only does it reduce the total cost of ownership, the camera delivers much enhanced image quality, which ensures plate recognition results are up to the high standards.

The LPR606 is equipped with a 30m IR LED unit that generates adequate, even illumination needed for the high megapixel images at difficult lighting conditions. Thanks to MESSOA's low light expertise and the camera's LPR-oriented specifications, such as configurable shutter speed, iris, and illumination control, the LPR606 is able to deliver unparalleled imaging performance that yields superior LPR rates. Deployment-wise, the 3-axis cable management bracket and external lens adjustment significantly facilitates installation of this outdoor-ready LPR/ANPR camera.

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