J & S Franklin Ltd2014-02-11 16:55:59

1.2 Million USD Contract for DefenCell DC3 Force Protection System

J & S Franklin has won a contract to supply an unspecified large Non Government Organisation with over 1.2 Million USD worth of DefenCell DC3 Force Protection System.

The order consists of a further 10 containers of DefenCell DC3 barrier and is sufficient to build a protective wall over 8 kilometres long by 2 meters high. The system is in support of operations in East Africa and brings the total ordered for the area to over 50 kilometres of barrier.

The recent airlifts to South Sudan of emergency equipment have highlighted the significant logistical advantages of lightweight air portable products and five times more DefenCell wall can be delivered in a single container compared to heavier steel mesh systems.

The DefenCell DC3 Force Protection System is manufactured using the latest geotextile construction technology, giving it strength, versatility and simplicity and has been tested to protect against small arms, cannons, direct mortar hits and near-miss rockets. It can be used in a wide variety of roles from protective walls, bunkers, berms, sangers and vehicle crash barriers to temporary roadways and flood barriers.

DefenCell is air-droppable, man portable and its non-metallic structure means it generates no secondary shrapnel and can be safely pushed off the back of a lorry with no risk of damage. It can be laid out quickly and easily filled with a variety of locally sourced materials, including earth, sand, shingle or small rocks.

DefenCell products have been extensively tested and proven to protect against blast and ballistic attack as well as hostile vehicles and VBIED, and are protecting several critical infrastructure sites in the UK and Europe, and are in operational deployment in Afghanistan, Somalia, Chad and several US Bases.

DefenCell continues to meet the exacting requirements of operational troop and equipment protection in hostile environments.

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