Security & Counter Terror Expo2014-03-03 11:09:32

RICOH will be introducing its new enhanced binoculars with PAIR-Technology (PAIR = Pentax Atmospheric Interference Reduction) at this year's CTX

This Digital Binoculars combines reduction of interferences such as fog, rain, sand or smoke with image stabilization and night vision.

Additionally, it has water and dust proofing to allow accurate viewing of a target even in harsh environments. Its functional design allows easy usage with gloves and it is possible to record the users view to an SD card as either a full motion picture or still image. It can display the latitude and longitude of the operator's location using it's integral GPS function.

The main use of RICOH ENHANCED BINOCULARS is at borders, ports and harbours, dams, marine use, mountain based security operations, disaster prevention, fire-fighting and police investigations, etc.

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