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Check ID documents with your Smartphone

Keesing Technologies AuthentiScan APP allows you to verify ID documents anywhere and anytime, using an app running on your smartphone. The app allows you to check the machine readable zone (MRZ) and provides a quick and easy means of authenticating ID documents. Simply photograph the document and the app will establish whether it's genuine or counterfeit within seconds.

Lightning-quick inspection and Expert Helpdesk

AuthentiScan APP is fast and easy to use. Depending on the document type, you can either take a photograph of the personal data page (passport) or of the cover and back (ID card, driving license). The smart app uses these images to check the MRZ automatically.

If all is well, a green tick appears on the screen. If not, the app automatically contacts the Keesing Expert Helpdesk, which will authenticate the document and update/finalise its status. AuthentiScan APP automatically forwards details of any ID document without an MRZ to our Helpdesk.

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