Smiths Detection2014-03-06 07:42:31

Smiths Detection Launches New Portable Identification Technology Targeting Illicit Drugs

Smiths Detection has introduced an advanced handheld identifier that provides a quick and accurate field analysis of a wide range of illicit drugs and controlled substances.

Target-IDâ„¢ is the first Fourier-Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy system developed specifically for field deployed narcotics identification to be released in 10 language configurations including Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese.

The easy-to-use device provides a cost-effective tool for police, government agencies, correctional officers, and other security entities that need to rapidly assess suspected narcotics. These include opioids, amphetamines, prescription medications, as well as new synthetic cathinones and cannabinoids, the so-called designer drugs.

Combining the power, speed, and accuracy of FTIR with a library of up to 2,500 narcotics, precursors, and common cutting compounds, Target-ID returns the forensic laboratory quality results that the legal system demands in a matter of seconds without damaging or degrading evidence. Target-ID also allows users to define their own library matches to help identify trafficking rings and localized varieties of narcotics.

Shan Hood, Interim Vice President Product & Technology, said: "We have combined best-in-class FTIR technology with over a decade of narcotics detection experience to develop Target-ID. It is the latest addition to our product portfolio that aids in the successful detection and identification of chemicals, explosives, radiological materials, and contraband. Combined with Smiths Detection's renowned product support, Target-ID provides unrivalled capability for law enforcement and security personnel around the world."

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