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Elbit Systems Launches TREASURESâ„¢ a New Unattended Ground Sensors System

Elbit Systems has launched TREASURES, an unattended ground sensors (UGS) system for intelligence gathering, force and border protection and enhanced situational awareness, enhancing a short and efficient sensor-to-shooter cycle in encountering the enemy;

TREASURESâ„¢, a cutting-edge, small, lightweight system, offers short deployment time and low maintenance. It is a flexible system, enabling easy integration with third-party sensors, subsystems and C4I systems. Containing ingenious and modular system components, TREASURES is comprised of a variety of advanced sensors, communication and control components. TREASURES detects, classifies and tracks human and vehicular targets, in real time, on any terrain and in all weather conditions. The system uses a broad network of "in-house" developed sensor clusters, with intelligent dedicated communication, breakthrough sensing technologies and data analysis capabilities. Since all the sensors are developed in house at Elbit Systems, their connectivity in one communication network maximizes the performance of each sensor

SAND - Seismic All-terrain Networked Detectors which are designed for real time, Beyond-Line-Of-Sight (BLOS) human and vehicular targets detection, for years of continuous operation.

OCEAN - Seismic acoustic multi-detector for detection and classification of humans and vehicles, as well as vehicle direction estimation.

TALOSâ„¢ - Low-cost Unattended Ground Radar for human and vehicular tracking. It contains a patented low-energy design, featuring integrated solar panels for continuous operation, without the need for additional infrastructure.

MTR - Miniature Tactical Radar for human and vehicular detection and tracking, featuring a small form factor and ground level covert operation. MTR has high target separation capability and solar panels for recharging the inner battery providing continuous power.

MID - Miniature Imaging Detector hybrid day and thermal imagers with advanced VMD capabilities, transmits automatically day and thermal images correlated to target track, through the UHF narrowband network.

Chameleon 2 - Day and thermal video covert sensor, with inner pan capabilities for wide area and high resolution coverage, with no external moving parts, using wide band communication for video transmission.

Communications Unit - The unit has three system uses: facilitating the connection of 3rd party detectors to the network, act as an f1/f1 relay for sensor field extension, and serving as a communication hub connected to the control station.

Backhaul Communications Unit - A field deployed f1/f2 relay for communication range extension, offering 60-days of continuous operation based on an integral battery.

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