World Security Report2014-03-04 12:54:40

Elbit Systems Launches GroundEye, a Breakthrough System Enhancing the Safety of Civilians

Elbit Systems demonstrated for the first time, during the traditional Carnival in São Salvador da Bahia, a new wide-area, persistent surveillance ground system, which generates real-time intelligence imagery in high resolution enabling the security forces to enhance the safety and security of the thousands participating in the Carnival celebrations.

GroundEye was developed by Elbit Systems as a solution to the growing demand of security forces and decision makers to achieve continuous intelligence imagery covering a wide area-of-interest in high resolution and in real-time for situational awareness purposes, especially during large scale events.

GroundEye is a highly sophisticated wide-area, persistent surveillance ground system that covers extremely wide areas providing comprehensive situational awareness for multiple users. With GroundEye, security forces can monitor and deal with multiple events simultaneously in the area-of-interest under their responsibility. In addition, the system detects and issues alerts upon the occurrence of pre-programmed events, thereby complementing and enhancing human detection capacity.

The system used during the Salvador Carnival is designed for both civilian and military applications, including border protection, perimeter control of infrastructure and critical sites, military operations, Safe City programs and large scale events.

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