More and more credit card knives being discovered at airport checkpoints.

A credit card knife fits in a wallet just as a credit card would, hence the name. They're slightly thicker than a credit card and one unfolds into a knife, while other types have a blade that pulls out. (See images).

It's the type of item that when tucked away in a wallet is out of site and out of mind, so many travelers simply forget they have it.

Credit Card KnifeToday's tip is a reminder to put these types of items in your checked baggage or simply leave them at home. It's always a good idea to double check your bags and other belongings for prohibited items prior to traveling. You can find our prohibited items list here.

Credit Card KnifeIn addition to credit card knives, items on key chains such as pocket knives and Kubatons are also items that passengers forget about prior to screening. If detected, travelers will be given the option to voluntarily abandon the property, take it out of the checkpoint and mail it, check it, hand it off to a friend, or dispose of it in some other manner. However, if it is determined that a traveler was intentionally trying to conceal a weapon, he or she could receive a civil penalty, or even be arrested for having a concealed knife in their possession.

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