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HGH introduces Spynel-U, a 360-degree uncooled thermal and visible imager

HGH Infrared Systems will showcase its new Spynel-U at Counter Terror Expo 2014. This new intrusion detection and tracking system is the latest in the Spynel series, high resolution panoramic sensors for 24/7 Wide Area Surveillance.

Spynel-U is the uncooled infrared camera version of the multi-awarded Spynel-C. Spynel thermal cameras provide permanent situational awareness, acquiring near real-time images of the surroundings, over 360 degrees, night&day. With Cyclope software, all threats are automatically and simultaneously detected and tracked. Spynel is a unique surveillance system, combining ultra-wide field-of-view with high image resolution and quality. An unlimited number of targets are pinpointed on multiple zoom windows, events can be tagged and images stored for forensic use.

Spynel-U benefits from many recent advances in uncooled infrared detector technologies, but also from HGH's long expertise in panoramic cameras for security. The system can detect a human at up to 2.5km, in total darkness, or through smoke or inclement weather conditions. As it does not use cryogenic cooling, it is a cost-effective surveillance solution, requiring no maintenance, with significant cut in weight and power consumption, but without any compromise to the image quality. The sensor captures the environment with a resolution up to 9Mpix. Each scene's details will be analyzed by Cyclope, the high performance motion detection software, for threat detection, recognition, and even identification, with the integrated high-resolution 360-degree visible camera. Spynel-U is designed for commercial applications such as airport, port or critical infrastructure perimeter monitoring.

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