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Fidelis Cybersecurity Solutions announced that its Fidelis XPSTM, earned a top rating of "Recommended" in an independent test

General Dynamics Fidelis Cybersecurity Solutions announced that its flagship network security solution, Fidelis XPSTM, earned a top rating of "Recommended" in an independent test of breach detection systems conducted by NSS Labs for its ability to provide customers with a very high level of detection at a lower cost. NSS Labs is an information research and advisory company known for its third-party testing of the world's leading security products.

"This high rating confirms the reliability of Fidelis XPS and reinforces the significant value it delivers to our customers," said Tom Lyons, vice president of product management for General Dynamics Fidelis Cybersecurity Solutions. "Our top priority is to help our customers keep pace with today's evolving and dynamic threat landscape and this NSS Labs test clearly shows that we are among the best in the industry at providing comprehensive, cost-effective cybersecurity solutions."

Fidelis XPS' placement in the upper right corner of the NSS Labs Security Value Map illustrates the value of security investment options. This position indicates that Fidelis XPS rates high in security effectiveness and at the same time has a lower than average total cost of ownership (TCO per protected - Mbps).

Fidelis XPS passed all six stability and reliability tests, scored 100 percent on its resistance to evasion techniques and had a zero percent false positive rate as tested, ensuring persistent defense and minimizing the chance of a breach. It also detected 98 percent of HTTP malware, 98 percent of email malware and 100 percent of exploits, earning an overall breach detection rating of 98 percent.

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