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Kelvin Hughes has partnered with Cambridge Pixel to speed their CxEyeâ„¢ Security Display Solution to market

Kelvin Hughes a navigation and surveillance solutions manufacturer and the developer of the SharpEyeâ„¢ solid state X-band radar, has partnered with Cambridge Pixel to speed to market of its CxEyeâ„¢ integrated multi-sensor integration and surveillance control display solution.

Engineers within Kelvin Hughes Surveillance needed software components for its new display for processing and display of radar and video in multi-sensor security applications. With pressure on time and budget, the company turned to sensor processing and display specialist Cambridge Pixel for a solution from its hardware-agnostic SPx range of software modules.

Kelvin Hughes selected modules for radar acquisition, display, multi-hypothesis target tracking, fusion, camera control, map display and control functions. These were integrated into an easy-to-use, touch-screen-capable display that combines sensor data from multiple SharpEyeâ„¢ radars, along with geo-referenced maps and multiple cameras. Radar tracks are displayed in an easy-to-understand format to assist the user to evaluate and coordinate a response through a 'detect, recognise, identify and then classify' methodology.

CxEyeâ„¢ integrates multiple sensors, such as radars and cameras, into a single, easy-to-use touch-screen-capable display package. It is targeted at security and surveillance applications including border/perimeter security and critical infrastructure protection.

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