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Thermoteknix are introducing new GiG-E connectivity for their long wave thermal imaging cameras

Thermoteknix are introducing new GiG-E connectivity for their MicroCAMâ„¢ 2 un-cooled long wave thermal imaging cameras combined with advanced digital processing from Vision4ce GRIP PCs.

"Using the GiG-E digital transport allows us to connect multiple cameras at up-to 100m cable lengths without any loss of fidelity sometimes associated with compressed video standards. This ensures that we deliver the best possible image data for the Vision4ce software to process." said Dr Richard Salisbury, Managing Director of Thermoteknix.

"Thermal imaging combined with high quality and simple cabling associated with GiG-E can significantly improve all form of image processing in security and surveillance applications. For example the creation of panoramic scenes with automatic detection and recognition used for situational awareness and threat assessment is an important feature of modern military vehicles and naval shipping." said Gordon Cain, Vision4ce Managing Director.

Thermoteknix manufacture a range of un-cooled thermal imaging systems including both MicroCAMâ„¢ OEM cores and vertical products for defence and security applications. The latest MicroCAM 2 devices offer extremely rugged shutterless XTI Technology® combined with market leading low-power consumption.

Vision4ce specializes in the provision of electro-optical (EO) system management hardware, software and integration services for use in harsh environments.

Their rugged GRIP PCs & DVRs utilize the latest Intel mobile processors, and their PCs can include powerful NVIDIA GPUs enabling high performance GPGPU processing.

Complementing the rugged hardware is GRIP-VMS, a modular video management software suite. GRIP-VMS features DART an embedded software video tracker that is able to offer robust video detection and tracking of multiple objects. DART is also incorporated into the new CHARM compact embedded hardware video tracker based on a multicore ARM processor.

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