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J&S Franklin launch new range of Archer Portable Vehicle Barriers from Meridian Rapid Defense (MRDG) Group in the United States at CTX14 London

J&S Franklin has added to their extensive protection equipment range by securing distribution rights for Archer Portable Vehicle Barriers in the UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Archer Portable Vehicle Barriers offer a complete range of "Drop and Stop" Modular Barrier Systems that are engineered for speed of deployment, retrieval and relocation making them ideal for Emergency Response Kits (ERK's) and temporary physical security requirements.

Simple to deploy with no electrics or hydraulics needed, and easy to install with just two people, the Archer Portable Vehicle Barriers are ideal for crowd control, conferences, large events and critical infrastructure protection.

Manufactured from dual-wall, high strength bullet-resistant ballistic rated steel, the Archer also provides ballistic and HVM protection.

Jeremy Milton of J&S Franklin said "We're excited to be able to add these unique deployable barriers to the DefenCell range of security equipment."

"The modular systems are fast to deploy without any heavy equipment. They can be moved and reconfigured at a moment's notice. The barriers and systems are rated by the Department of State in the United States and are completely reusable. We are pleased to have J&S Franklin as our distributors as they bring many years of experience with perimeter security products." said Peter D. Whitford, CEO of MRDG.

The new range of Archer Portable Vehicle Barriers will be demonstrated on the J&S Franklin Stand No G95 Counter Terror Expo, London from the 29th to 30th April 2014.

Archer Beam Gate
A rapidly deployable beam gate that is ideal for high traffic entranceways and perimeter security.

Archer 500 Anti-Vehicle Barrier
A flexible rapid solution for crowd control, traffic flow and vehicle incursions.

Archer 750 Anti-Vehicle Barrier
A modularly designed anti-vehicle barrier that provides rapid deployment and installation on a variety of surfaces for protection of facilities, roadways and personnel.

Archer 1000 Anti-Vehicle Barrier System
A rapidly deployable anti-vehicle barrier system, which is two-person installable without the use of heavy equipment. (Full US Dept of State K4 III Anti-ram certified)

Archer 1200 Anti-Vehicle Barrier
A rapidly deployable unanchored "drop-and-stop" barrier for deployment on roadways and hard surfaces.

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