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Tripwire launches NERC Alliance Network for Critical Infrastructure Protection

Tripwire introduced the NERC Alliance Network, an expansion of its Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) program and NERC Solution Suite. This new program provides power and utility companies with a network of trusted technology and services companies that specialize in providing North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) solutions. The NERC Alliance Network is designed to enable and facilitate collaboration between a wide variety of vendors. The program delivers critical infrastructure compliance and security solutions that help companies achieve NERC CIP compliance efficiently and effectively.

"We understand the complex security and compliance challenges facing energy organizations and realize that no single vendor can provide a complete security and compliance solution," said Jeff Simon, director of service solutions for Tripwire. "We believe that the power of collaboration is the best way to accelerate the delivery of comprehensive, automated solutions for critical infrastructure energy customers as well as the broader energy industry."

The NERC Alliance Network is also designed to expand the functionality of the Tripwire NERC Solution Suite. The NERC Solution Suite combines Tripwire® Enterprise, Tripwire® IP360â„¢ and Tripwire® Log Center®, security configuration management, vulnerability management and log intelligence solutions. The suite includes specialized intelligence, such as policy rules, correlation rules, tools, templates, customized reports and dashboards, derived from working with more than 100 NERC-registered entities and the NERC Regional Auditor community. Together with customized services from NERC-experienced consultants, the NERC Solution Suite dramatically reduces the time and resources required to pass NERC CIP audits and minimizes audit findings. Program partners can participate in a complete range of architecture, development, and integrated marketing and sales opportunities.

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