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IAFSS Launches Federated Search Tool for Fire Research

The website of the International Association for Fire Safety Science (IAFSS) now features a federated online search tool, "Fire ReSearch Engine".

In just a single search this specialized search tool queries 32 major fire research collections around the world. The tool will benefit fire scientists in their work and will aid the general fire safety community by providing easy and rapid access to existing international fire research repositories. The Association hopes that it will become an essential tool in the fire community's research kit and aid fire science and engineering students in their academic studies.

Fire ReSearch Engine" has been made freely available by the IAFSS to the entire fire safety community helping assist all those involved in fire science to solve fire safety problems.

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The search tool is a customized search engine based upon Google search technologies. The current version is primarily a text search and there are plans to expand the use of metadata in searches.

This search tool, in its present form, has been in development for over six years under the direction of Amanda Robbins who began work on the project as a visiting researcher at National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) in the United States and finalized its development on her return to BRANZ (New Zealand). The IAFSS acknowledges the essential and important work Amanda undertook on the project, as well as assistance from many others, especially US colleagues, Jason Averill, Dick Gann and Terry Fay.

Prof. Michael Gollner, (University of Maryland, USA), Chair of the IAFSS New Technologies Subcommittee noted that, "The launch of the "Fire ReSearch Engine" on the IAFSS website is a significant landmark in the Association's ongoing development of its online community. The search tool directly supports IAFSS's goal of encouraging and disseminating fire safety science research to address unsolved fire problems. It brings the fire safety community together like never before."

Further development of IAFSS's online community is underway including the open-access publication repository, LinkedIn Group and other resources ( Questions concerning the "Fire ReSearch Engine" and ongoing new technologies at IAFSS can be addressed to

IAFSS welcomes links to the "Fire ReSearch Engine" by others as well as nomination of additional fire research repositories for inclusion in the search engine.

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