World Security Report2014-05-07 06:00:17

The Rollover Protection Seating System (ROPS) has been supplied for use on 4x4 trucks in a Middle East country

British company Vital Seating & Systems Limited developed the ROPS.

ROPS was designed to quickly convert logistics trucks and pickups from cargo to troop transport or a mix. Troops were being badly injured or worse in rollover accidents in trucks where personnel were sitting on wooden benches and poorly protected against collisions.

Initially, the ROPS were developed for the British Army it has also been sold to the Belgian and Finnish Armies.

Recently, ROPS has been supplied for use on 4x4 trucks such as Chevrolet Silverado in a Middle East country where the Ministry of the Interior are looking to get border control/police very quickly and safely to incidents such as oil field attack.

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