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Infotech North America announces launch of its "Game Changing" image enhancement technology in Europe

Infotech North America announced the European launch of its ClearView HD image enhancement technology. The announcement was made at the Counter Terror Expo at Olympia, London by Jeremy Walsh, Director of European Operations.

"We are delighted to launch our patented market leading image enhancing technology in Europe," said Jeremy Walsh. "Our technology, which was developed in the United States, was initially launched in Japan and more recently has been introduced to the United States and other NTSC markets. We have now started production of PAL units for Europe and other PAL markets. Deliveries will start in the near future."

ClearView HD image enhancement uses patented algorithms to enhance CCTV and other video in real-time by using powerful, custom-designed twin processor hardware. It can also enhance the still images and video from DVRs. ClearView HD minimises the effects of poor light, low light, mist, fog, rain, snow, dust, haze, back-light and glare. These environmental conditions affect most CCTV installations. The system is "Plug and Play" and works with most cameras and DVRs. The operator has the ability to fine tune the enhancement delivered by the system. There are currently two versions of the technology:

- one enhances four channels of CCTV concurrently in real-time
- the other enhances a single channel of high resolution video, up to 1080 HD, again in real-time.

"ClearView HD meets the needs of those organisations involved in the security and surveillance of critical national infrastructure," added Cliff Henley, Chief Executive Officer and primary shareholder. "Whilst most of our initial clients are police forces, military, governments, financial institutions, power exploration and generation, ports, airports, transport and traffic management, we are also selling to maritime and major retail. Customers love the real-time enhancement capability of ClearView HD because it improves both security and safety. We are also finding that it allows them to better fulfil their duty of care."

Infotech North America has recently formed a European subsidiary, Infotech ClearView Europe Limited, which is based near Cambridge.

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