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A new, multi-billion dollar, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for First Responders market is emerging.

The public, vendors and users have a lot of questions about it.

UAVs for First Responders Market Forecast by Region
Scenario II - UAVs for First Responders Market Forecast by Region

The public is very suspicious of unmanned systems; one significant mistake may end an entire program.
First Responders have little experience with unmanned aircraft and what experience they do have is misleading.
Vendors are uncertain about the correct mix of innovation and legacy systems in this new market.

Airspace regulators are tentative in their attitude towards UAVs for First Responders, creating an uncertain evolutionary path that will make this market behave like no other before it.

This is why Market Info Group (MiG) created the first-of-its-kind Market and Technology Forecast report with Buying Guide and Operating Concept.

System designers, vendors, policy makers and operators need the comprehensive, multi-scenario, markets and technologies analysis.

First Responders need the Buying Guide to avoid the very costly mistakes some of their predecessors made, plus the terminal mistake of copying military methods.
Both communities need the detailed Operating Concept that will educate a whole new generation of vendors and users on the best way to produce, market, procure, integrate, train for and operate these new aircraft.

This new research report delivers:

Reasoned Market Forecasts - fact-based, scenario-driven tables and charts over multiple technologies and regions.
Timely Business Opportunities - specific details on what First Responders need and how to sell to them in a way that generates profitable word of mouth sales.

Focused Technology Forecasts - only the relevant systems, with clear explanations of the differences with the UAVs seen in todays press.

Detailed Drivers and Inhibitors - what will help the markets and what will hurt them.

Education - both First Responders and vendors will learn the best ways to develop these new capabilities while avoiding the political problems.


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