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L-3's ProVision® 2 Security Scanner Meets EU Standard 2 Under ECAC CEP Testing

L-3 Security & Detection Systems (L-3 SDS) announced today that its ProVision® 2 checkpoint security scanner has passed the European Union Regulation Standard 2 under the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) Common Evaluation Process (CEP) of Security Equipment.

"We're very pleased that our ProVision 2 system meets ECAC Standard 2 requirements. Airports will now have a choice of deploying screening solutions complying with either ECAC Standard 2 or Standard 1, which the ProVision 2 passed in 2013," said Thomas M. Ripp, president of L-3 Security & Detection Systems. "This achievement is a direct result of L-3's ongoing investment in research and development to continuously improve our technologies while keeping abreast of regulatory requirements and emerging threats."

With algorithms approved for each of the European standards, the image-free ProVision 2 offers the ideal balance between addressing regulatory requirements and meeting airport operational demands for high throughput and minimal false alarms. The passenger experience with the ProVision 2 is convenient, straightforward and efficient, requiring only a single position during a 1.5-second scan.

The compact design of the ProVision 2 offers the same effective checkpoint detection and throughput as the widely deployed ProVision ATD, while fitting into tight checkpoint areas with low (2.4-meter/8-foot) ceilings. With deployments on six continents, more than 1,000 ProVision ATD and ProVision 2 systems have been procured worldwide by nearly 250 airports.

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