World Security Report2014-06-10 13:14:30

Fidelis XPS Extends YARA-powered Capabilities to Enhance Real-time Malware Command and Control Prevention

General Dynamics Fidelis Cybersecurity Solutions' industry-leading implementation of technology enables organizations to quickly prevent and detect advanced threats across the entire threat lifecycle.

General Dynamics Fidelis Cybersecurity Solutions has expanded the capabilities of its flagship network security solution, Fidelis XPSTM, by building on its unique application of YARA technology. Fidelis XPS' implementation of YARA technology now extends beyond the infiltration phase and into the command and control (C2) communication and lateral propagation phases, delivering a continuous response posture across the entire threat lifecycle.

General Dynamics Fidelis' use of the malware discovery and classification tool, traditionally used with static data, is an industry-first application of the technology for data-in-motion. Enabling both the real-time detection and prevention of malicious cyber activity, Fidelis XPS enables customers to quickly leverage existing, community-driven YARA intelligence to strengthen their security posture, while freeing time and resources for other cybersecurity initiatives.

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