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RP Optical Lab Presents a Range of High-End Electro-Optics Solutions for the Defence and Homeland Security (HLS) Markets

RP Optical Lab will present a range of solutions in the area of electro-optics for the Defense and HLS markets at Eurosatory this year.

The Company will display its cooled and uncooled thermal cameras as well as a variety of opto-mechanical lens assemblies.

RP Optical Lab specializes in the development and manufacturing of high performance opto-mechanical lens assemblies; LWIR, MWIR, and SWIR thermal cameras and modules; and electro-optical projects that are tailored to customer needs.

Cooled & Uncooled IR-Based Thermal Imagers

Based on its in-house optical lens design capabilities, RP provides complete system solutions in the range of thermal imaging, both in cooled as well as uncooled systems. The systems, which provide assorted zooms, are designed for surveillance and tracking for various ranges, reaching over 40 km. Among the best performing cameras in the world, RP's Systems are able to withstand all weather conditions. The Company also handles the integration of cameras with Pan/Tilt, regular and/or stabilized modules. It develops and supplies complete systems tailored to customer needs and mission requirements.

A typical custom-made Multi-Sensor system may contain a thermal imaging continuous zoom camera, a long-range daylight camera, a laser range finder, and Pan/Tilt with GPS providing fluent rotation. System components may vary according to mission requirements.

High Performance Opto-Mechanical Lens Assemblies

Covering the entire range of VIS, SWIR, MWIR up to LWIR - enables RP to offer a wide variety of high performance opto-mechanical lens assemblies. RP brings extensive experience in understanding and developing complete Opto-Mechanical Lens Assemblies, providing a well-integrated design into the customer's full system. To date, RP has provided hundreds of customized as well as "Off-the-Shelf" designs to the full satisfaction of its customers.

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