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Supergum Presents a Range of High Quality CBRN Protective Solutions for Military, Homeland Security, and Civilian Markets

Supergum Industries Ltd. will present a range of high quality CBRN protective solutions at Eurosatory 2014. The Company specializes in respiratory and skin protection systems:

Respiratory Protection Systems

Supergum develops Respiratory Protection Systems for a wide variety of needs and scenarios for Military and HLS Forces. The solutions deliver full coverage, providing the very highest levels of protection and performance against the most severe NBC threats. The system's air blower provides 90 liters of filtered air per minute, and the lithium battery offers 15 hours of continuous operation. The one-size-fits-all mask - which is compatible with eyeglasses, beards, etc., ensures physical comfort and freedom of movement, thus allowing extended wear under severe conditions.

Skin Protection Systems

The Company's Protective Suits provide maximum protection against contagion, burns, and contamination caused by exposure of the skin to chemical and biological warfare agents. Highly flexible and lightweight, they provide full freedom of motion for the user. Manufactured from high-tensile-strength multi-layer co-extruded plastic films, the suits are simple to put on, and fit snugly for complete protection.

The Cooling Garment is a cotton overall intended as an add-on for all protective suits. When soaked in water, it cools the body for comfort in warm environments.

The Protective Overshoes protect the feet and are a supplement for maximum protection of the body. They can be used over any type of shoe.

The Protective Gloves include Rubber Gloves and Cotton-Fabric Gloves which enable both dexterity and protection.

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