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PICSIX Unveils its 3rd Generation City-Wide Cellular Interception System

PICSIX unveils P6Intercept, a unique passive communications interception system, at Eurosatory 2014. The lightweight system enables high-quality, long-range interception of hundreds of calls and SMS simultaneously.

The P6Intercept system's advanced technology uses narrowband receivers, unlike the vast majority of existing systems which utilize low-sensitivity wideband receivers. The narrowband technology enables the interception of significantly more calls and SMS from greater distances, with longer call-holding, compared with any other interception solution in the same area. The outstanding performance of the P6Intercept results in a much higher rate of UPLINK monitoring, thereby producing a large number of complete full duplex calls.

P6Intercept is comprised of three main components: Central Management (the P6-GUI), RF FRONT ENDs (the P6-PASS-FE64CH), a suitable decipher capable of breaking the code of the calls and SMS intercepted by the P6Intercept RF FRONT ENDs. A P6-GUI Central Management can be remotely connected to a large number of P6-PASS-PE FRONT ENDs that are scattered all over the city in a variety of enclosures: backpacks, laptop docking stations, exit signs, etc. The exceptionally small and lightweight RF FRONT END weighs only 2.8 kilos, and can therefore be concealed in small enclosures as described above, enabling extensive tracking options, even while on the move. Despite its light weight, each P6-FRONT END is capable of monitoring up to 80 channels.

PICSIX Interception Central Management facilitates integration with customer databases, display of monitored base station and target cell phones on the map, and the generation of customized reports.

Each P6-FRONT END can be associated with 3G to 2G downgraders which are positioned in close proximity. These downgraders, P6-322, can cause the target phone to switch from a 3G network to a 2G network without the subscriber's knowledge - thereby allowing deciphering of the A51/A52 encryption. This is a critical capability, since today's 3rd Generation cellular phones employ encryption which cannot be broken in real time.

In addition to the P6Intercept, the company will also be presenting solutions in the area of active systems. Among them is the P6-AS-2B, which acts as a standard GSM BTS, attracting GSM mobile devices in the neighborhood, and controlling their entire set of functionalities. Supporting up to 6 concurrent calls, this system enables identity retrieval, calls and SMS, and allows the operator to either send the captured device back to the real network, or leave it under the system's control - monitoring, intercepting and storing all traffic.

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