World Security Report2014-06-12 09:11:00

Aeronautics launches its next generation mini UAS, Orbiter 2B

Aeronautics a manufacturer and marketing of state-of-the-art unmanned systems for land, sea and air, integrating surveillance equipment with network information has launched the newest member of its Orbiter UAS Family, the Orbiter 2B, with unique capabilities in the areas of Data Communications and Mission Completion.

Orbiter 2B has a unique operational and mission execution capability, as well as an exceptional carrying capacity. These attributes enable, among other things, activation of the system in a moving vehicle, thus allowing continuous tracking of the moving target, frequency hopping to increase encryption, prevention of jamming, and remote control capabilities via an optical fiber that connects with the existing infrastructure.

In addition, Orbiter 2B has the unique capability of navigating independently, enabling completion of the mission even if the GPS is jammed or there is no communication. The automatic warning system, which sends alerts regarding any deviation from the mission definitions, gives the operator high-level monitoring and control capabilities that ensure mission success. The orbiter 2B digital data link is adjusted to support both C band and S band with a full duplex communication, allowing unique intelligence capabilities and high-level information processing.

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