World Security Report2014-06-12 09:58:22

Sky Sapience introduces HoverMast-100, the only mobile tethered hovering platform for small vehicles and is especially suitable for border surveillance roles.

Completely autonomous and stable, the HoverMast-100 system is the only mobile, tethered hovering platform for small vehicles. It is designed for a wide range of vehicles, including pick-up trucks, UGVs, USVs, boats, communication vehicles, and ground stations, and is suitable for border surveillance, HLS, law enforcement and military. Supplying data in real time to users in the field while providing 360⁰ over-the-hill vision, it is ideal for surveillance and observation missions. The system has already been supplied to the IDF and selected by several international customers.

Within seconds, the lightweight system is already in the air at a height of 50 m. Running on electricity from a silenced generator installed on the vehicle, it enables unlimited 24/7 continuous operation. It can carry payloads up to 6 kg - including CCD/IR cameras, radars, lasers, EO, hyprospectral sensors, SIGINT and cellular antennas. The cable that connects to the base unit serves as the power source and is also used for the transfer of data via a wideband data link. The system is made of advanced composite materials, is impermeable to water and dust, and operates in adverse weather conditions.

The HoverMast-100 - a compact, mobile, electric-powered, tethered aerial platform was recently demonstrated at sea and on land for key foreign customers - proving very effective for border control, observation and surveillance missions in both land and maritime environments

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