World Security Report2014-06-16 05:08:47

Police in Chennai have implemented 'Face Recognition' in a Crowd system

The Police in Chennai have positioned themselves at the forefront of Smart City Surveillance having implemented iOmniscient's Face Recognition in a Crowd system in a part of this city, the sixth largest in India.

The system installed in the T. Nagar Market enables the police to recognize people of interest outdoors in a totally uncontrolled environment and to track them as they show up on different cameras.

Mr. Senthil Manickavasagam, M.D. of Mars Electronics who implemented the system said, "The main requirement from the electronic surveillance used for public safety was that it must function in a difficult outdoor environment. We faced a big problem with this. The many technologies we tried from Russia, USA and Europe worked well when used in a controlled setting indoors, but in the practical crowded scene of an Indian marketplace, nothing worked. Then we implemented iOmniscient's system."

"This system worked with varying lighting, both in open sunlight and with shadows on the face. The top police officers who have seen the system perform, could not believe their eyes. At the T. Nagar Market, the system helped the City Police report a crime rate of zero during the entire Diwali Festival Season."

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