World Security Report2014-06-20 08:07:47

Event monitoring solution from EGIDIUM in use for security and safety at Eurosatory

Event Monitorâ„¢ provides the Eurosatory control room with unified real time management of all security and safety needs, in use for the defence and security show.

During Eurosatory the show organizer COGES is using Event Monitorâ„¢ from EGIDIUM Technologies to better manage security and safety of the event.

Using a 3D model of the entire show exhibition space (outdoor and indoor) as the main user interface, Event Monitorâ„¢ connects with all security systems in use for the event: video surveillance cameras, access control and visitor counts, and individual geolocation of security guards. All real-time data is rendered onto Event Monitorâ„¢'s 3D user interface to provide an overall vision of the event, optimal positioning of security teams and faster reaction to any incidents, while automatic logging and reporting provides complete traceability for future analysis.

Event Monitorâ„¢ therefore introduces a very user-friendly supervision interface to the security control room for doubt removal and coordination of interventions.

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