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Stratech's iVACS to deploy 30 more systems to the Middle East

Singapore company Stratech Systems has announced that it is to deploy another 30 or more of its iVACS® intelligent Vehicle Access Control Systems in the Middle East.

At least 25 iVACS will be deployed in a Smart City Project for one of the prominent capital cities in the Middle East. It will be part of a Security Program designed to establish a fully integrated security solution for a diversity of onshore, coastal and offshore critical assets across the customer's mainland.

This coincides with the worldwide trend of increasing take up rates for such systems. Previous orders for iVACS used to involve just a handful of units each, but nowadays, relatively large orders such as this are becoming more common.

iVACS® screens vehicle undercarriages for potential security threats such as IEDs - improvised explosive devices. Stratech under vehicle surveillance system, is capable of "intelligent" inspection of vehicle undercarriages, and provides alerts when suspicious foreign objects or abnormalities are detected. iVACS® also performs identification screening for the driver and passengers in the vehicle using biometrics providing a comprehensive solution at screening checkpoints.

The system is also Network enabled, which is very useful for large, networked deployments such as Smart City Projects or secure facilities with multiple entrances and exits. Networking the system means that multiple secure facilities and command and control of these secure facilities can share their databases.

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