World Security Report2014-06-30 07:28:48

A new tool in the fight against the VBIED

British company e2v have developed the RF Safe Stop system, a vehicle immobilising system designed to bring vehicles of all types to a halt using a blast of high power magnetrons. It uses the pulse to disrupt the electronics of the target vehicle to stop the engine.

The system can be mounted on vehicles, such as an SUV, or in fixed installations, such as vehicle checkpoints at critical infrastructure buildings and facilities.
Combined with traffic management barriers the system would an invaluable tool in the battle to prevent Vehicle Bourne Improvised Explosive Devices (VBIED's). One of the most deadly and effective tools in the terrorist arsenal!

e2v have developed demonstration hardware with proven effects for engine stopping and disruption by utilising e2v's patented switching products in conjunction with high power magnetrons, and carefully packaging these with appropriate antennas. This design approach has resulted in a flexible solution which can be rapidly adapted to suit specific customer needs and achieve optimum performance.

The system is also being trialled for boats and even helicopters.

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