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New innovations in physical protection from Technocover

Technocover has introduced a series of innovations across its UltraSecure range of LPCB approved security equipment, billed as the next generation of intelligent physical protection.

The company has been working with clients and technology suppliers to advance the functionality of its high security doors, enclosures, access covers and associated products to support strategic security and operational efficiency on the critical national infrastructure (CNI) site.

New state-of-the-art access control offers scope to integrate UltraSecure equipment with central access management of multiple sites. Options include fob, keypad and radio-frequency identification (RFID) activated locks, with features such as personnel ID and hierarchical access control, failsafe or failsecure functions, and timed access features.

Also new is an 8 point wheel lock for UltraSecure Sentinel doors, plus LCD privacy glass viewing panels, switching from frosted to clear. An innovative padlock with solenoid control is now available on new UltraSecure doors or for retrofitting to existing units.

Simplifying sitework and project management is a new generation of UltraSecure kiosks, delivered ready-assembled and fitted out with M&E services for fast installation and easy connection to mains power. They come with factory-fitted access control data exchanges, vision panels, lighting, heating and ventilation services, plus an aesthetic new lining made from environmentally friendly, premium recycled HDPE plastic (also available on other UltraSecure products).

Advances in horizontal access include an UltraSecure roof access hatch with remote control of opening/closing via a motorised actuator. The latest UltraSecure flush fitting access cover incorporates a 3-tier design with inspection hatch, fall arrest system and anti-contamination features for underground tanks and storage.

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