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The new HoverMast-100 from Sky Sapience, in Israel, could prove a real winner with border guards, CIP and security personnel the world over.

The HoverMast-100 is a tethered Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) which means it combines all the obvious advantages of a UAV without the associated problems, such as civil certification, launch, recovery and training.

It is simply launched at the press of a button, deploys to a height of 50 meters and is recovered in the same way.

It can be installed and launched from most small service vehicles, such as pick-up trucks, UGVs, even boats. The HoverMast is ideal for border patrol, homeland security and civilian security missions.

The system is comprised of an aerial platform, base unit, and external power source, all of which are compact and lightweight. The aerodynamic platform is produced from advanced composite materials impregnable to water and dust. In fact, the entire system complies with international standard IP65. It hovers 50 meters above the host vehicle with the help of two main rotors that give it its main thrust and four smaller side rotors, used for guidance and additional thrust. Its stability in winds of up to 25 kn is achieved by the use of separate subsystems working in tandem.

The aerial platform is secured to the base unit via a cable which serves as a power supply and data link. A silenced generator powers the system enabling continuous 24/7 operation. The machine itself is relatively quiet and passive; emitting no electronic signals. It should be emphasized again that as the HoverMast is tethered, it is not bound by any of the air control regulations that bind standard unmanned vehicles.

The system can host a wide range of payloads. It can host any payload weighing up to 6 kg, including CCD/IR cameras, radars, laser designators, relays, cellular antennas, and hyperspectral sensors. Additionally, it can receive COMINT and ELINT. With the ability to operate on land and at sea, even while the vehicle is in motion, the HoverMast-100 enables target detection, location, and identification as well as autonomous tracking. Target coordinates and video images are transmitted within seconds and without the need of an experienced operator via its wide band communication link, relaying critical data to selected recipients in real time.

The HoverMast is already in operation with the Israeli Defense Force.

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