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Huntington Beach Police in California Ensure Public Safety Using A Radwin Surveillance Network

RADWIN announced that the City of Huntington Beach in California, U.S. has deployed RADWIN's systems to build a comprehensive video surveillance network to enhance public safety. The City of Huntington Beach is a booming beach community with dozens of bars and restaurants and major events. To provide additional support for its police force the city required a high-end video surveillance network. CelPlan Technologies - a leading SI and RADWIN's partner - recommended and installed a completely wireless, IP-based network based on Axis high-definition (HD) video cameras and RADWIN wireless systems.

CelPlan deployed fixed and pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) video cameras at key locations throughout the city. RADWIN's wireless systems in 4.9 GHz were connected to the cameras and transmit video from the cameras to police headquarters - from where officers can quickly detect and respond to acts of vandalism, theft and other incidents of crime.
Lieutenant Kelly Rodriguez, Huntington Beach Police Department: "The RADWIN and Axis video surveillance network we have in place is a huge plus. We have been able to solve major crimes, and we are confident that it would help us solve a lot more."

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