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FLIR Releases Muon(TM) Thermal Imaging Camera Core for OEMs

FLIR announced its latest thermal imaging core, Muonâ„¢, a product which dramatically simplifies the integration of thermal imaging capabilities for OEM customers.

The new Muon core lowers costs and simplifies the thermal imaging integration by providing a plug-in module with calibrated video output using industry-standard interfaces. To minimize system design complications, the Muon is designed to operate on standard imaging device power and communication protocols.

Muon is based on FLIR's latest high volume wafer-scale packaged detector technology and is available in multiple resolutions up to and including VGA. Optimized for size, weight, power, and cost (SwaP-c), Muon has a form factor of 22 mm x 22 mm x 6 mm, a mass of less than 5 grams, and depending on the configuration, uses less than 300mW of power.

It's the latest milestone from FLIR's OEM and Emerging Segment in the merchant supply of thermal imaging camera cores to an increasingly expanding market. FLIR's OEM group introduced the industry's first small microbolometer camera (the Alphaâ„¢) in 1999, and has since launched five successor products, Omegaâ„¢, Photonâ„¢, Tauâ„¢, Quarkâ„¢, and most recently, Leptonâ„¢.

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